zaterdag 25 mei 2013

Freebie - Glamorous

A new freebie for you by myself and my friends Saskia and Nicole


 photo glamorous1_zpsb333d461.jpg

 photo downloadhere_zpsc6b3738c.png

and also a facebookfreebie for you, this time I made 2 journalingcards for you that matches this kit

 photo glamorous2_zps6f11739f.jpg

 photo downloadhere_zpsc6b3738c.png

This is what's made with my part of the collab:

made by myself:

 photo glamorous3_zps74333196.jpg

made by Saskia:

 photo glamorous4_zpseba95d77.jpg

made by Nicole:

 photo nicole_zps77c6babf.png

And here are the parts of Just Saskia and Nicole's scrap:

Saskia's part of the collab:

 photo glamorous5_zps29f3f3aa.jpg

This is what I have made with Saskia's part:

 photo glamorous7_zps02d4d137.jpg

And Nicole's part of the collab:

 photo glamorous8_zpsf782f5a1.jpg

And this is what I have made with Nicole's part of the collab:

 photo glamorous10_zps5f51bd1b.jpg

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Thank you so much for the kit! The elements and colors and paper are gorgeous!


How did I miss this? I love all things purple! What a great kit - thank you so much!


PURPLE (s) are my favs THANK YOU ;~} bunches this is an AWESOME kit....


Thank you very much.

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