donderdag 14 maart 2013

Freebie - Collab It's Spring

Samen met mijn vriendinnen Saskia, Nicole en Harsha deze collab gemaakt genaamd 'It's Spring'
Dit is mijn deel:

Together with my friends Saskia, Nicole and Harsha we have made this Collab called 'It's Spring'
This is my part:

 photo scrapkititsspring_zpsf93bcb5b.jpg

 photo downloadhere_zpsc6b3738c.png

These are the LO's of the kit made by Saskia, Nicole and Harsha:

Made by Harsha:

 photo scrapkititsspringLOharsha_zps222a3b0a.jpg

Made by Nicole:

 photo scrapkititsspringLOnicole_zps63c7055b.jpg

Made by Saskia:

 photo scrapkititsspringLOsaskia_zpsa8159862.jpg

Saskia's part of the collab:

 photo scrapkititsspringSASKIA_zps9ea2c34e.jpg

 photo scrapkititsspringSASKIA2_zps121787c3.jpg

My LO with Saskia's part:

 photo scrapkititsspringSASKIALO_zpsb10066d8.jpg

Nicole's part of the collab:

 photo scrapkititsspringNICOLE_zps88c8aaf9.jpg

My LO with the part of Nicole:

 photo scrapkititsspringNICOLELO_zps39d07732.jpg

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The kit is very pretty and the colors are lovely. Thank you

Elizabeth Pastore

I love this set it is amazing


Thank you very much.

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